Giacomo Pellegrino

Giacomo Pellegrino

Thin, weedy, with his own afro hair that is a kind of tribute to the black roots of a sound shared by funk and house, which make him look like a mushroom cloud! That’s the way in which we love to describe him while he is playing sacred and deep grooves. Giacomo Pellegrino is part of that particular category of people that really knows very well the meaning of the word passion.

He received his “Calling” to djing when he was only fourteen. Son of a musician, following his father around to every concert, visiting the most important clubs and venues of Sicily. Thanks to that experience, he developed a true passion for music and clubbing and, later, for djing. Despite still being too young to perform at night as a DJ, Giacomo started to arrange a few shows for friends, playing sets focused on dance music from the 70’s and the 80’s, his first musical love.

A few years later, his style became a “monolith” of dance and funk, house and tech. Giacomo has his hand in every aspect of the music scene.

He also founded his own record label called Detroit Side, which is dedicated to the very passionate vinyl and DJ community. A label that promotes quality over quantity in the house and techno segment. Artist’s such as Delano Smith, Bassa Clan, Dixia Sirong, Enrico Mantini, Franck Roger, Julien Sandre, Nick Beringer, Monika Ross, Moreon & Baffa, Ocu, S. A. M. Hansel! have all released tracks on his imprint.

Giacomo doesn’t stop there though as he cultivates his own nights in the local area that are ardent about presenting some of the best dance music around in the most optimal and premier environments possible. Still, Giacomo finds time to be a highly regarded producer with releases on a myriad of top-class labels like
Purism Wave, Signatune Records, Carac Records, AvantRoots, Vibe Experience, hello strange, Deep Freaks, Greyscale records among others.

Heavily influenced by classic sounds of yesterday while thinking about the future of electronic music has inevitably crossed over to his production side working in a heavily analog and modified setup. Analog Four, Roland SH101, Korg Electribe, Korg Minilogue and Jomox Alpha Base are the main pieces he uses. Processing and effects duties come courtesy of Lexicon and Boss while his 24 track Allen Heath console fine tunes the final product for last step before mastering.

This is just the foundation of what has been and where Giacomo is currently. In the near future
expect big things from Giacomo Pellegrino, he is just hitting his stride.

Giacomo Pellegrino delivers his fantastic track “No Sleep” to our Etui Winter Camp 6 compilation. We also recommend to read his interview and listen to his dj-mix for our Etui Podcast series.

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