Etui Podcast #39: Giacomo Pellegrino

Giacomo Pellegrino is an Italian DJ and producer. He also is the founder of Detroit Side, a record label releasing music by artists like Delano Smith, Bassa Clan, Dixia Siron, Franck Roger, Enrico Mantini, Ocu or S.A.M. His own music he released on labels like Grayscale or spclnch, just to name a few from his long back catalouge.

For Etui Winter Camp 6 compilation he delivers some spicy chords in his deep dub techno track “No Sleep”.  We chatted with him about his inspirations, his label and ofcourse his studio setup.

Nice to have you on the podcast. How things are going at the moment? What do you do during the pandemic?

The pleasure is all mine, even in a difficult time for the whole world I managed to come up with something good. I had a lot of time to devote to my music.

What was the key moment that got you into house and techno?

I explored many genres of music in the years of disco to funk. At the age of 14 I started DJing, but I have always been attracted by the house and techno sounds. I believe mine was a call to what I do today, something that comes from your heart that you can not control.

Please tell us about your label ​​Detroit Side. What is the idea behind the label?

Detroit Side is the fruit of love for music. Since I was a child I was fascinated by the Detroit Techno scene and therefore I wanted to create something that represented those sounds. I only produce what excites me and only exclusively on vinyl. Apart from a compilation that I am preparing in cd format, with many artists that I love.

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From what do you draw your inspirations?

From nature and from everyday life. I like to turn my emotions into music.

I can only make music in particular moments that can be sad or happy. No Sleep was recorded on one of those days that you would like to talk about, but I do not find the right words to describe that moment.

You are producing with hardware only. Can you please take us through the production process of a track?

Yes! I like to produce music with drum machines and synth. I have found my perfect setup. Always I start from something I recorded in my walks at rivers and lakes. From there it all evolves. For drums I use my favorite drum for rhythm Jomox Alphabase. It’s 100% sound analog. I do the bass with my Roland Sh101 and the chords with Analog Four and Korg Minilogue and then I record on Ableton Live.

What’s your favourite peace of gear?

I love drum machines, I have three: Korg Electribe emx and sx, but my favorite is the Jomox Alpha Base.

Please name 3 artists that inspire you and why?

Delano Smith has always been my inspiration. He represents a part of Detroit.

Deepchord because he represents dub techno and has always been a source of inspiration.

Steve O’Sullivan because you immediately recognize a record of him, he has a trademark sound.

What’s the idea behind your mix?

The mix is a journey, it takes you to unknown places, something that makes you daydream.

What is the idea behind the mix?

I have been very focused on Dub Techno and Ambient in the last few years. I found the sound that gives me incredible emotions, and the mix for Etui is what it represents me today. And so there a lot of releases in the pipeline. Like my track “No Sleep” on upcoming Etui Winter Camp 6 for example.

Etui Podcast #39: Giacomo Pellegrino

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Listen on youtube:

01 STL Dub Techno Explorations – (Heavenchord Eternal Reshape) [spclnch]
02 Otzim Lee – Mira [Space Of Variants] [SV-43]
03 Van_Bonn – Convert [Telrae]
04Paolo Lucchi – Gemini 5am Mix [Cold Tear Records]
05 Dr 1 – Cake Dub 2 [Worx Ltd]
06 Martin Bausch – Nouw [DimbiDeep Music]
07 Pablo Bolivar – Reflect (Francisco Aguado Remix) [Seven Villas]
08 Rico Sante feat. Prince Morella – Jah People [Promo]
09 Freund Der Familie -Blaugrau (Alessandro Crimi Remix)
10 Reto Erni – Micropics [Framed Realities.]
11 Neurotron – Up Mission 2012 [Promo]
12 Roger Gerressen – Carlos [IRENIC 003]

more information:

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