Etui Podcast #34: Ohm

DJ and producer Ohm is one of the leading figures in the Icelandic contemporary techno scene. Widely associated with iconic labels such as Thule Records, Force Inc, Rawax, Luck of access, Taped artifact, Nilla and Kontakt.

Ohm stays true to his roots by consistently innovating his interpretation of techno music, integrating soul and innovation with the scene.

Etui Podcast #34: Ohm-black

01 Stavrogin – collectors – Last drop records
02 Sven Weissemnan – Activity chain – Mojuba
03 Roberto Bosco – Sonorous Waves part 2 – Last drop records
04 Van Bonn – Losing Control – Van Bonn Records
05 Thor – T2 – Thule records
06 Son Sine – Evident topology – Echocord
07 Monomood – Fall – Etui Records
08 Altitude – Internal Memory – Vade Mecum
09 Feral – Invocation – Hypnus Records
10 Aubrey & Simon Gatto – A051 – Curle
11 Move D – Lush sommer rain – Shanti records
12 Swayzak Vs Theorem – Bad hair day – Exalt records
13 Roberto Basco – Il Cronovisore – Sonorous Waves
14 Morphology -Flatlands -Exalt records  
15 Answer code Request – Calm down – MDR 018

What was the key moment that got you into house and techno?

I was around 14 years old when i started listening to the Detroit Dj´s and getting to know the dub techno scene that was building up around the world.

The Uk techno scene was also a big influence on me back then. That stuff blew my mind and I was hooked for life.

Recently you released music in collaboration with Octal Industries on Vade Mecum and with Kvadrant on Kontakt Records. What are the ideas behind these collaborations and how the tracks came together?

Me and Octal industries have been working together for many years now. We have released over 10 Ep´s together. He lives in Tallinn Estonia and i’m living in Copenhagen. Most of our tracks are made over the internet, constantly working on loops and sending ideas back and forth. For the Vade mecum Ep we actually made one of the tracks in my studio in Copenhagen together last year. But the other tracks on that EP are mixed work over the years as we have been in contact with the label for over a year already. With the newest track done here, we finally had a record that we were very happy about and ready to release it. It was actually a long process that one :)

I have known Johnny aka Kvadrant for over 5 years now. We became friends after he invited me to play in his radio show called Tweak fm here in Copenhagen. He started the label Kontakt with our first record together called Elevation Ep. Later we did an Ep for AE recordings, an Icelandic sublabel originated from Thule records.

Our third Ep came out on Kontakt again with a great Remix from a Dutch producer we both like called Ben Buitendijk. After that one we had the idea of pressing 2 tracks from our first Ep that sold out very quickly. We remastered them and asked  some of our favorite producers to make remixes. We are very happy, seeing the 2 tracks have a new life and getting awesome remixes from Steve o`sullivan and Mike Schommer.

Can you take us through your production process and tell us about your studio setup?

My studio setup is pretty humble and  use ableton and Vst´s mostly, push for live tweaking and my trusty Virus Synth that I use for almost all of my tracks.

I have a machine for drum sounds as they are awesome and i also have a TB 3 for some acid and bass lines if i think it fits the track and mood. Small Genelec speakers with a sub as well and all are set up in a room in my apartment.

From what do you draw your inspirations?

All music inspires me.

I listen to very different music throughout the day and just hear a track or a feeling I get when I listen to it. That inspires me to sit down and start a loop, that hopefully becomes a good idea :) it’s an ongoing battle that I love.

Please name 3 artist that inspires you and why?

There are too many great artists out there to only name 3. I would like to name 3 genres instead.

Techno and Dub techno.

Deep different sounding house music, it has to have a twist or just sound beautiful and soulful.

Idm music has always inspired me to never stop fiddling and editing my tracks until i’m happy.

You were born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland and later you moved to Copenhagen. Do you have any tips to visit in both cities? Hidden spots to eat, listen to great music or just watch the sunset?

I have been living in Copenhagen for close to 20 years now, so my tips for Copenhagen would be to explore the beautiful architecture, visit and eat at the restaurants as there are so many good ones.

I love going to the spots where there is street food and music. There are loads of places in the city that offer that, but I recommend places around the kanals and the sea as then you can really kick back and enjoy it and watch the sunset.

I really dont know much about Reykjavik anymore, but for music and food I recommend Prikid. It has great food and it’s close to the city center. The whole city is surrounded by mountains and the sea so it never fails to walk around after a good meal.

Kaffibarinn is close by and they always have great dj´s and good drinks and a lovely vibe every time i go there to visit.

But for Iceland I would go to the countryside and really take in all the beautiful nature , waterfalls, hotsprings, glaciers and mountains all around this very big and powerful land !

What is the idea behind your mix?

The idea i had for the mix is playing some different genres as i said listen to all sorts of music. All vinyls I have got recently or had laying around waiting to be played again.

I always want to create a journey for the listener and I hope I did in this mix.

What can we expect next from you?

Me and Jonas aka Octal industries have a Ep coming out on Rawax in the fall with amazing remixes from John Beltran and Exos. I have an Ep coming out on X-oz music also in the fall.

I have been working with my friend El Choop for some time now. Our first EP together is also coming out as a vinyl release on Ranges followed by some digital Teasers also from them.

And a few remixes will hit the stores also in the coming months so the rest of the year looks pretty good :)

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