Etui Podcast #22: Submoon

Etui Podcast #22: Submoon

Submoon is a passionate listener, collector and DJ of Taranto, in southern Italy. Since 2007 his love of Techno sounds from Dub and Detroit has allowed him to experience and express his passion as a self-taught producer. He also has a big passion for producing ambient and electronica sounds. His heartwarming track “Unknown Places For Thoughts Of Hope” is the 2nd track on Etui Winter Camp 4 compilation.

How did you come in contact with house and techno?

My first contact in the techno world took place about 13 years ago. I started listening to trance music. During the musical growth, I started listening to artists like Marko Fuerstenberg, Vladislav Delay, Basic Channel, Convextion and all producers who have always used several delays and reverberations along with plumb, chords and pads with solid basslines.

How would you describe your music?

With my music, I would like to evoke the classic dub techno style by adapting it to our times with something more futuristic.

Can you tell us a bit about your studio setup and your workflow?

I really like working on Logic pro, through the use of different vst. It is also true that one day, when the work will allow me to do so, I would like to be able to integrate synth and machines of various kinds. I believe that the power of music lies in the creativity and imagination that we possess regardless of what we use to make it.

What about the techno scene in Taranto?

In my town and surroundings, I had the good fortune to meet very special people, with whom I grew up in my musical path.

In my city, since 2013 there has been a club called “Sound Department”, which welcomes artists from all over the world. All this is very stimulating, especially to understand how music evolves day by day.There, he had the opportunity to know and warm up artists such as: Marco Zenker, Fluxion, Moritz Von Oswald, Don Williams, Peter Van Hoesen, Paula Temple, Shxcxchcxsh, Aril Brikha, Domenico Crisci, Stephanie Sykes, Headless Horseman, & More …

From what do you draw your inspirations?

I like to draw inspiration from every moment of my day, from the people around me, from the life experience I am living.

What can we expect next from you?

At the moment nothing planned, with so many ideas even beyond the submoon project.

What is the idea behind your mix?

In this mix I selected very hybrid wax, trying to explore everything that contaminates my sound.

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Tracklist :

01. Fluxion – En Route – Echocord 076
02. Hydergine -Japanese Dreams – Phorma012
03. Silent Servant – Violence (Function Mix) – Sandwell District 011
04. Monomood – Fall – Etui Winter Camp 4
05. Substance – Sensualize – Chain Reaction – 18
06. Dennis Bog & Kenneth Christiansen – Pattern Repeat 04
07. Heiko Laux – Shared Wave (Steve Nachmahd Remix II) – Kanzleramt 133
08. Roberto Bosco – Deep Thought Pt.1 – Seventh Sign Recordings 014
09. Modernism – Refined 0.3 – Modernism 04
10. Ohrwet – Blavus (Grad_U Remix) – Greyscale 03
11. Micronism – Constructing Space – Delsin- X8
12. Alpha Delta Division – Outer Rim – Alpha Delta Division 001
13. Parallel 9 – Gnosis – Prime 039

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