Marcel Dettmann + RØDHÅD + HRDWRK (Insect O. + Steve Kasper) live at Musique Electronique (Sektor Evolution Dresden) on July 26th 2014

Marcel Dettmann, RØDHÅD  & HRDWRK aka Insect O. + Steve Kasper live at Musique Electronique / Sektor Evolution Dresden on July 26th 2014

Marcel Dettmann, RØDHÅD and Anathony Parasole are headlining this year’s Musique Electronique at Sektor Evolution on July 26th 2014. Through his longer than expected trip to India, Gotterkreis can not play the event. Instead of him Laptop Battle winner Steve Kasper and Etui Records label head Insect O. will play a HRDWRK live show.. The new HRDWRK live project (incl. Gotterkreis playing live keys) was introduced at this year’s DAVE presents Musikfreunde Party in May. The music represents the very own musical personality of each of the 3 artists, reaching from techno to dub step to UK garage.

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