Etui Podcast #47: Dubrovnik (UK)

Chris Currie aka Dubrovnik (UK) is a dj and music producer from Glasgow. He released his music on some of the stable horses in dub techno music such as Greyscale or Ohm Series.

Listen on youtube:

1.Markus Suckut – Seventh Movement (EXILE)
2.Lindaman – Outskirt (Zemog remix) (HUINALI)
3.TVA – Spazio Disponsible (Ben Buitendijk Remix) (AEONIC)
4.Zadig – Orbitale (CONSTRUCT RE-FORM)
5. Markus Suckut – Bug (THIRD EAR)
6.Lee Holman – Disarmament (DECISON MAKING THEORY)
7. Markus Suckut – Infinity (SCKT)
8. Markus Suckut – 8 (Made Of Concrete)
9. VSK – From A Distance (EarToGround Records)
10. Endian – Dusty (Secretsundaze)
11. Andrea (IT) – Void (Ilian Tape)
12. AWOL – 54.973379, -1.614705 (Jaunt)

Hi Chris! Great to have you on the podcast. How are things going?

All good thanks Oliver ! Many thanks for the invite to contribute to your great series :)

Earlier this year your track Halcyon was released on Ohm Series. How did the track come together?

I wanted to do something non 4/4 but still capture that ‘dubby’ vibe. It came together pretty quickly and I was absolutely delighted when Bjarnar agreed to release it on OHM Series.

From what do you draw your inspirations for your own music?

It’s a funny topic but sometimes it can come from all sorts of things – mood, weather, travel, everyday life – it’s really hard to pinpoint. Sometimes it comes in waves and other times it’s a struggle to find ideas. I suppose you just have to go with the flow in the studio.

What’s your favorite piece of gear – hard or software?

I’m really enjoying the Fab Filter Saturn 2 for adding that grit and saturation to instruments.

What was the key moment that got you into house and techno?

Probably my upbringing being Glasgow based and at the time we had an endless amount of great artists performing every weekend at amazing clubs such as The Arches and The Sub Club. I would probably spend most of my weekends there in my late teens to twenties soaking up the atmosphere & vibe listening to these great artists perform.

Please name 3 artists that inspire you and why?

Oh that’s a real tough one to answer as there are soooooo many that inspire me ! 3 that are never far away from my dj sets are:

Markus Suckut
his quality of work is astounding and manages to always capture that right amount of deepness & atmosphere in his work. An amazing producer with an unbelievable work ethic

OHM & Octal Industries
pretty much anything these guys team up to produce is a winner. Again that balance between deepness & atmosphere is always on show. Both incredible producers on their own also. I’ve also got to know OHM over the last few years and he’s one of the nicest chaps in the industry.

has an amazing back catalogue and his productions are just the epitome of that dubby house sound that I love. Always produces solid productions that will work when played out.

What is the idea behind your mix?

I wanted to do something a little different for this mix and include some non 4/4 tracks to help create a really atmospheric mix that builds into some driving techno. It’s probably a little more techno focused.  I hope it does the job as I had a great amount of fun recording this one :)

What can we expect next from you?

A vinyl release due on an OHM Series VA which I’m really happy to be on. There are also some other works in progress and an EP waiting for a release date which again I’m really happy with.

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