Markus Masuhr

Markus Masuhr

From the deep and raw side of techno comes the artist Markus Masuhr. He lives in Leipzig/Germany and is the head from the Label “Pragmat” and from the netlabel “Insectorama”. He started with electronic music in 1993. When turning to produce electronic music himself in 2003, he chose to express his versatile style preferences in his own works as well – making tracks and live acts ranging from deep techno with dub elements to raw techno.

In the last years he has published on countless labels. Pragmat / Insectorama / Superbrecordings / Circular/Rohs / Authentic Pew / Nulabel / k-84 Records / LCR/ off white records and many more released his music. He himself describes his sound as techno, that you feel approaching from the rear of the hard but deep with chords echos and delays in a 4/4 pattern construct. Leipzig’s legendary Distillery Club hosts his modular techno live sets several times a year.

Markus joins the Etui camp with his dark drone techno track “The Stages Of The Ocean” on our Etui Winter Camp 4.


Chutney Mambo EP – Uran97
Sambaola EP ‎- Idealtechno
Kamara Sunira EP ‎- Labil Recordings
Love & Hate EP ‎- Insectorama
Magdalena EP ‎- Labil Recordings
Alanika-Romanuka EP – Tropic Netlabel
Durch Die Donau EP – Equaliteq
Black Camera Syndrom EP ‎- Laminim
Saint-Etienne EP ‎- HaPpy-MekAnism
Chunky Bots From Novrosibirsk EP ‎- Equaliteq
Pragmat#001 – Pragmat
Substructure EP – NuLabel Quality Records
Tamur EP – SUPERB.recordings
Markus Masuhr & Georg Bigalke – Bandwidth Spektrum Work EP ‎- Pragmat
The Red Moon And The Landscapes From Jupiter EP – illogical kit
Markus Masuhr / Dwntmpo – The Noise Of Clarity And The Obsession From Don’t Be On Acid EP ‎- Pragmat
The Deep Fear Of His – Intimist Records


“The Stages Of The Ocean” on Various Artists – Etui Winter Camp 4 – Etui Records 2018

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