In the physical world, “Rebar” is an object, often used to reinforce concrete. In the world of music, though, Rebar is the joint venture of Andreas Pionty & fumée grise, the label-heads of “made of CONCRETE”. Next to the label they are the driving force behind “Körper” a queer party series which started in April 2017.

Their techno track “Morining Routine” on our Etui Winter Camp 4 compilation proves the best thing you can do in a cold winter night is to dance your shoes of in the strobe light of a techno club.


Hansaphrohlis on made of CONCRETE 2017


“Morning Routine” on Various Artists – Etui Winter Camp 4 – Etui Records 2018


Luke Black – Damp Hands (Rebar’s Tropical Heat Remix) – made of CONCRETE 2017

Played Already At (selection):

Contact Club (Tokyo / JP), Ruby Room (Tokyo / JP), Vicious Club (Rome / IT), Sisyphos (Berlin / GER), Be-At
TV @ Ipse (Berlin / GER), Griessmuehle (Berlin / GER), Suicide Circus (Berlin / GER), Salon – Zur Wilden
Renate (Berlin / GER), Haunt (London / UK), Bahnhof Pauli (Hamburg / GER), Sektor Evolution (Dresden / GER), TBA Club (Dresden / GER), Mephisto (Hannover / GER)

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