Etui Podcast #43: Coline

Coline has been a passionate DJ since 2000. She is a vinyl collector and former resident dj & booker at TBA Club in Dresden (RIP). With Pressure Vibes Festival and club events she focuses on presenting woman and flinta artists in the electronic music scene. For Etui podcast 43 she mixed some of her favorite dub and deep techno records.

Etui Podcast #43: Coline

01 Refracted – Universe EP – J.S.Zeiter – Lempuyang
02 Stereoscope (Hausdorf Rmx) – Enno Colaci – Dreiklang
03 Anyway 0.3 – Unison Research – Modernism
04 Counterpoint – Not my best behavior EP– Patch Park – Wolfskuil Rec
05 Early years – D.Diggler – raum…musik
06 Stream Electric (Rmx) – Pascal Feos – PV
07 Sphere – Bastinov – eturia
08 Access Extortion – Tymotika – Stützpunkt
09 Extrasolar – Leni San – Dub EP – Planet Rhythm
10 Quantum state (Rmx) – Nadja Lind – Klimaks Rec
12 Benales – Vault – Ohm Series 
12 Drug store – D.Diggler – raum…musik

Hi Coline! Great to have you on the podcast. How are things going?

Hey, thanks a lot for the invitation. As the year is approaching to its end, I take some time to calm down a bit and review the intense experiences of 2022. At the moment I am participating at an online congress, where indigenious people from around the globe exchange about the future of our planet and how to keep earth. Very interesting and inspiring.

You have still been collecting vinyl for more than 20 years. What makes a vinyl record so special for you?

It’s the sound, the dynamic, the haptic, the direct connection to the medium. A vinyl record is an instrument, it is art and it is a craft. It’s human history written on vinyl, collected for the next generations. It’s my bridge to space to make my transitions. And I love the covers. They make a record extra special. My brain uses them as a reminder to remember the music on the vinyl when you can’t see the fine print in the dark of a club. 

At the moment I am in exchange with a green vinyl manufacturer to check out how the music sounds on PVC-free materials with 60% less energy costs. Let’s see what the future brings. 

What’s your all time favorite vinyl record you would like to drop on a festival during sunset?

Too many. Laugh. The energy of the moment will lead me to the best vinyl in my case. But it will definitely be heart opening. 

Do you remember a very special moment during your long dj-career?

There were so many great experiences I am grateful for. And so many crazy party nights and encounters with people from around the world. But one moment was definitely special. When I understood what I really do as a DJ and how we use music, energy, frequencies to develop as humans and free ourselves in various ways.

With Pressure Vibes Festival and club event you are focusing on presenting women and flinta artists in the electronic music scene. What is it all about?

Pressure Vibes is a Festival and club event I founded in 2017 at our beloved TBA club with a 3 day festival. A second festival took place one year later and now I continue it as a club event.

The intention is to come together with artists from around the world, to connect, to exchange art and diversity of cultural backgrounds, to learn from each other, grow and bloom. To dance together, to celebrate life, love and to stand for humanity. There are workshops, exhibitions and social engagement to raise consciousness for bringing back the balance to our society with feminine energy.

Another important issue of Pressure Vibes is to open the gates for the next generation, support young talents and bring the youth into our club scene. When the idea of a festival was born many years ago, I was inspired by female:pressure, the international network, that pushed me forward during my career. And by Marry Klein, once a one-month-all-female Festival at Harry Klein Club in Munich, where I played years ago.

How female artists can join your Pressure Vibes network?

Simply contact me via social media. I always search for ambitious talents and artists. And I am open for out-of-the-box-stuff. Let me know.

What is the idea behind your mix?

With this mix I would like to bring together the energy of old and new generations. That’s what we celebrate at the moment in the Techno scene. History and present that create the future. My set is a journey into the timeless dimension of dub techno. A selection of vinyl made by pioneers, my fav dub techno producers and todays hottest record labels. Enjoy the joyride to space!

Any plans for 2023?

Yes. Laugh a lot and travel. And to have no plans and go with the flow. I am looking forward to some great events. Especially the next big party of Pressure Vibes at Sektor Evolution in Dresden on June the 10th. Who would love to participate in any way, let’s get in touch. To this I work on more workshop offers and music.

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