Altone – Dynamics – ETUIDGTL006

Altone - Dynamics - ETUIDGTL006

Altone is a wizard of lo-fi dub techno sound. With Dynamics the Japanese artist presents his 2nd EP on Etui Records.

All 3 tracks are subtle builders. Layers of noise and filtered synth chords are swirling around. They always have this tiny touch of reverb to fill up the soundscape with a little melancholy. Underneath there is this rumbling minimalistic beat to keep you grooving. Can you feel the sub bass?

The sound he holds dearest is the inorganic loop which has eliminated anything extra. He is aiming to recreate the unchangeable world of the deepest bottom of the ocean, in a far away place on the other side of Mars, and the world which lies in the most fundamental part in your heart.

After releasing music on outstanding labels such as Greyscale or Primary Colours we are glad to have him back for another journey into his world of trippy sounds and micro grooves.



01 Seduction
02 Rebalance
03 Legion


apple music

Street date:

bandcamp: 11/11/2022
all other shops: 11/18/2022


all tracks written and produced by Yuki Takasaki
mastered at SALZ Mastering
photo by Oliver Hartmann
made in EU

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