Van Bonn podcast for Recorder.13

Van Bonn mixes podcast for Recorder.13.

If you would go fishing to the wide and deep lake next to mount dub, you can expect to find Van Bonn sitting there – right in the moment to catch huge delays and frequence modulations to create the next dubby excursion, which he is known for.

He found his music in the top 40 sales charts and on worldwide dj playlists. A couple of labels who released music with his contribution are Superball, Telrae, Traum Schallplatten, ETUI Records and Trapez next to sampler contributions on MINUS and fabriclondon. To enable Van Bonn to release his very own vision of sound, he founded Van Bonn Records. Over the years he played hundreds of stages over Europe ranging from huge festivals and clubs to squatted swimming pools. He shared stages with artists and bands such as Opeth, Deftones, Mogwai, Roisin Murphy, Youth of Today, Snapcase, Minilogue and Max Cooper, among countless others.Now, he enjoys to go fishing to mount dub. And all the experience he gathers along his ride contribute as inspiration for Van Bonn’s next dubby journey to be created.

In 2020 we released Van Bonn – Dopamine Clouds on purlple translucent vinyl. This should not be missed in your record collection. He also contributed a track to Etui Winter Camp 5 compilation in early 2020 and also did a remix for Insect O. – Forest Of The Monkeys of Atacama LP.

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More Information

1. Andrew Pekler – Frisland (Dub) – Mysteries of the Deep
2. Upwellings – Snow Dawn – Steve O’Sullivan – Mosaic Records
3. Basicnoise – Consequences – Spclnch
4. Rhauder & Paul St. Hilaire – Sidechain – Ornaments
5. Vainqueur – Ranges (Expanded) – SCION Versions
6. Tears Of Change – Kino (MERV Remix) – ROHS!
7. Idealist – Arial – Mojuba Records
8. Van Bonn – The Drill – ETUI Records
9. Freund der Familie – PRS (Roger Gerressen Remix) – Freund der Familie
10. Mathimidori – Yoto – Ornaments
11. Van Bonn – Losing Control (Federsen Remix) – Van Bonn Records
12. Unknown/Grau – Overdrive – Freund der Familie
13. Altone – Vacuum – ETUI Records
14. Tim Kossmann – Home – Greyscale
15. Hidden Sequence – Clouds On Neptune – Steve O’Sullivan – Mosaic Records
16. 36 & Zake – Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel – Past Inside the Present

more information

Van Bonn – Dopamine Clouds
V.A. – Etui Winter Camp 5
Insect O. – Atacama Remixes
Van Bonn on bandcamp

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