RuheCast #009: Planetary Secrets

RuheCast #009: Planetary Secrets

Dresden born and now Leipzig based Planetary Secrets loves to explore the deepness of sounds. He mixed some of his own ambient productions with some of his favourite tunes for RuheCast.

What a great chill out journey!

With “Offshore Platform” Planetary Secrets will have his vinyl debut on Etui Winter Camp 4 Vinyl Edition Part 1.

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Patricia – Hardly Able To Do Anything
Planetary Secrets – Last Voyager Transmission
Planetary Secrets – Can You Remember The Place Where They Brought You
Dr. Alex Paterson – Loving You Live
Norihiko Hibino – Arsenal’s Guts
Cocteau Twins – Alice
John Adams – Shaker Loops: II. Hymning Slews
Detune – China 12 B2
Kassem Mosse – Long Term Evolution
Planetary Secrets – Those Times
R-Zone 11 – Positive Sequence
Daughter Produkt – Direction Asymmetry
Planetary Secrets – Redemption
Babes In Toyland – Quiet Room
Woo – the Frog’s Fandango
Japan – The Experience Of Swimming
Sand Circles – Innercity Haze
Planetary Secrets – Euphoria
AYYA – Second Mistake
Planetary Secrets – Digital Warfare
Planetary Secrets – Diamond Re-Ality

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