Inner Varnika Festival 2013 Melbourne

Innver Varnika Festival 2013

Echo Insepctors who delivered the wonderful “Pleading Ground” to our Etui Winter Camp compilation will play the Inner Varnika Festival 2013 near Melbourne beside Luke Hess (FXHE Detroit), XDB (Metrolux) and Wbeeza (Third Ear Rec.).

The Outdoor electronic music festival will take place from March 29th till March 31st and is strictly limited to 500 tickets.

The three-day event is dedicated to devoted music enthusiasts and artists whose only aim for the weekend will be to create a community of dancers whilst also providing a sojourn for the soul. Carefully selected international guests within a specially selected forest location, will steer and sound out a platform for catharsis and freedom of expression by way of some solid thump – a warm and very inviting thump, a soulful thump. Every aspect, from sound to setup will be thought out to ensure the festival is an all inclusive, environmentally neutral and a musically blissful affair.

Full line up:
LEROSA [Uzuri Recordings] LIVE + DJ set
XDB [Metrolux, Sistrum]
WBEEZA [Third Ear Recordings] LIVE
LUKE HESS [FXHE, Echocord]
ECHO INSPECTORS [Primary Colour, Etui Records]

Magda Bytnerowicz (SYD) – Andras Fox (RRR) – Edd Fisher (PBS) – Francis Inferno Orchestra (Deep Throat) – Bryce Lawrence – Louis McCoy – Sleep D – Andy Hart + Max Graef [LIVE] – PWD – Simon TK – Wael Najm – Wush – Glyn Hill – Toby Mackisack – Joey Boyer – Pinksilver Showcase – Mos Howieson [LIVE] – Elias Hanna – Eranthos – Luke Coleman – Instant Peterson – Luke Bruin – Maxwell – MPL

More information:
Inner Varnika on Facebook
V.A. – Etui Winter Camp

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