El Choop – Beauty Warp EP – ETUILTD013

With Beauty Warp EP, Welsh born El Choop finally gives his vinyl EP debut on Etui Records. The light green/white marbled vinyl opens with a set of raw icy chords, sculpted around a dark kick and glittering percussion.

El Choop - Beauty Warp EP - ETUILTD013

A1: Beauty Warp
A2: A Drift In The Opal Fields
B1: Night (Woman)

format: 12″ vinyl, digital audio
street date:
vinyl 9/7/2018
digital 9/7/2018



El Choop - Beauty Warp EP - ETUILTD013 green vinyl
El Choop - Beauty Warp EP - ETUILTD013 black vinyl

Designed for the dancefloor, Beauty Warp is as light as it is heavy. The inner cut exhibits El Choop’s deeper side with Adrift in the Opal Fields. With a more conventional dub techno palette, it paints a dusty, gritty, and echo filled sonic landscape.

Reverse to find Women (Night), a 12 minute moody workout of melancholy chords and weighty lows complete with a set of polyrhythmic stabs that you just can’t seem to count.


All tracks written and produced by Harvey Bones in 2018.
Artwork by Daniel Madlung / DM Creavive
Photo by Oliver Hartmann
Mastered by SALZ Mastering

Copyright by Etui Records 2018

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