Etui Podcast #45: Sa3b

Sa3b is a passionated dub techno music lover from Beirut. He started is own mix series Beirut nights for various media channels. For Etui podcast we invited him to contribut a dj mix with some of his favourte tracks at the moment.

Etui Podcast #45: Sa3b

Listen on youtube:

1 Enzo Leep, Vadim Lankov – Red Sand (Vadim Lankov’s White Sand Mix)
2 Idealist – Dimension
3 Deepchord – Untitled
4 Idealist – Stage One
5 Iminazole = Miyako
6 Gradient – Harmonic 05
7 Patrick Chardronnet = Dub Of Aces (Klartraum remix)
8 Upwellings – Slow Lane
9 Markus Masuhr – In the Haze of Being
10 Helly Larson – Autumn Walk (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix)
11 BATHY – 721
12 Owain K – A Secret Sign
13 Francisco Aguado – Symmetry
14 Tony (LV) – Little Things

How did you get in touch with house and techno music?

I got Into electronic music at an early age.

It all started with techno as I found it to be very uplifting and energetic. After years of listening to different electronic music genres, house music came into my spirit and I started mixing tech-house and minimal.

I moved back into dub techno and dub house because I always had a passion for those two specific genres and within years of collecting tracks. I decided to start my own mix series about dub techno under the name Beirut Nights. Many of those mixes can be found on various channels on soundcloud and youtube.

What are your favourite producers and tracks?

To answer such question could be a bit hard as every producer has is unique style and elements in which he creates his music. Overall right now my favorite producer for sure Ohm, Grad_u and Blue Train aka Steve O’Sullivan. My favorite track at the moment is JMV – No Demos.

What is the idea behind your mix?

I will keep my answer as short as possible. the whole point of my mix is to make music fanatics listen to dub techno properly and understand the concep,emotions & effort that has been put in every single track produced till this day in dub techno universe. Dub techno is on the rise again and to Sa3b … dub techno & dub house are the future elements of getting played in club to the right audience.

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