Etui Podcast #23: Alek S

Etui Podcast #23: Alek S

Alek S is a vinyl lover from Cottbus in Germany. In case you never heard about Cottbus, it´s a small town near to Berlin. A good place to grow up into melancholic melodies and stripped-down dub sounds. It’s the sound Alek S released on labels like Stardub, made of CONCRETE and finally on our Etui Winter Camp 4.

How did you come in contact with house and techno?

First i have to tell you that i’ve hated electronic music in my early years but the reason was simple. I just don’t get in touch with the good stuff. :) when that happened, pretty much everything changed.

How would you describe your music?

My main focus is definitely on dub techno but i also have a weakness for melancholic melodies both combined can probably describe it exactly.

Can you tell us a bit about your studio setup and your workflow?

To be honest, almost everything happens in the box in addition I use the microKorg and the volca bass. And i love to sample old records. That’s it!

What about the techno scene in Cottbus?

Hm tough question there were already better times i would say but there are a few talented girls and boys coming up.

From what do you draw your inspirations?


How did you met the guys from made of CONCRETE?

I know Andreas for a long time now we met as dj’s doing our thing in the outskirts of dresden, berlin and cottbus. Even though I played less gigs afterwards, we stayed in contact so one day he told me that he and his good friend Jens from berlin will start a label. I have doubted but I have sent them my tracks and fortunately they liked, and released them.

In February you released “Neverending EP” on made of CONCRETE. What is the story about/behind the record?

It´s all about the “Neverending” track. In the beginning it was just a little snippet that I made just for fun. I took a little video from Ableton and everytime I showed it to someone, I´ve got really good feedback. Finally I send it over to Jens of made of CONCRETE. He asked me to make a full track out of it that is ready to release. So I recorded the track in one live session and didn´t edit anything. For me it sounds magically. It´s called “Neverending” because I always think that this will be the last track I release … and then, somehow, there is always a new track that will find the light of the world. I guess making music is a never ending story.

You also released “Cream” on latest Etui Winter Camp 4 compilation. It sounds like dancing ice crystals. How did you produced these noises?

I met a producer in Dresden and visited him in his studio. We got friends and he showed me how to programm dub techno chords on the Korg Volca Bass. I used this trick to produced the crystals in “Cream”. The guys is Insect O. and I´m happy that the track has now being released on his Etui Records label.

What can we expect next from you?

I don’t even know if I can talk about it but i’m working on an album for made of concrete.

What is the idea behind your mix?

I did the mix saturday morning, the time when i’m most creative. I translated that into the mix, so to speak. It’s like getting awake and slowly start into the day.

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Get it on iTunes.

1. Andre Kronert – Triton Deadbeat Remix (Berg Audio)
2. Tomas Rubeck – Cadence (Echocord)
3. Roger Gerressen – A (Irenic)
4. Alek S – Daybreak (Stardub)
5. Steve o’Sullivan / Mike Schommer – Submerged (Mosaic)
6. Studio Works – Two (7685REC)
7. Unknown – Dub Chronicles 6B (Dub Chronicles)
8. Unknown – T3A1 (800)
9. Waage – W2 (Thule Records)
10. Alek S – Penny Drop (Made of Concrete)
10. Alek S – Cream (Etui Records)

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