Insect O.

Insect O.

Insect O. is an old hand in Dresden’s electronic music scene. Enthusiastic about the radio show “electronics” on East German radiostation DT64 in the early nineties he started buying records and making music at the age of 14. In the late 90s he was co-founder and resident dj of Dresden’s famouse techno club Flugzeugwerft.

His Music is melodic, dreamy and also kind of frisky but always with a touch of deepness. Each of his track got an own story to tell. The roots of his music are somewhere between dub- and detroit techno. He felt in love with the sound of Basic Channel, Maurizio, Rob Hood or Jeff Mils a long time ago.

His “Bondi Dub” EP, which came out in June 2013, reflects this love for deep techno. Smooth grooves are laying in an ocean of delayed chords. On his last year´s “Birds Over Hong Kong” he shows also a wider range of his artistic pursuit. The tracks “Echoes Of Antarctica” and “Rusty” range from broken beats to electronica sounds to rough techno.

He also shares a big passion for traveling and video filming. New Zealand, Thailand and China are some inspiring places for him, where he shot some video clips for his music. And because music is connecting people all over the world, he inspired people in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Koh Phangan with his DJ sets.


Insect O. – Flugzeugwerft EP – Etui Records
Insect O. – reflections – Etui Records
Insect O. & Pro.Ton – connecting music – Etui Records
Insect & Matschiste – Dschoänna – Etui Records
Insect & Matschiste – free me – Etui Records
Insect & Matschiste – Kassesnsturz  – Etui Records
Alex Carbo & Insect O. – Science Fiction Summer Movie  – Etui Records
Insect O. & Mr. Bizz – Roads Return Off – Atypical Farm
Insect O. – Sleepless In Striesen – Etoka Shapes
Insect O. – Birds Over Hong Kong – Etui Records
Insect O. – Bondi Dub – Etui Records

Mentalic – Prague (Insect O.’s Late Nite Dub) – Etui Records
Alec Troniq – Passengers [Insect O.’s Galerie Daylight Dub) – Etui Records
Echtzeit -  Four (Insect O.’s Striesen Re-dub) – Melted Recordings
Helly Larson – Dubcreatours (Insect O.’s Striesen Re-dub) – Etoka Shapes
Anton Lanski – Kill Me (Insect O. Remix) – Etoka Records
Monomood – Absolute Control (Insect O. Remix) – Abstract Animal
Alessandro Crimi – Space Cocktail (Insect O. Remix) – Etui Records

V.A. – Etui Summer Camp – Etui Galaxi
V.A. – Etui Summer Camp 2 – Etui Galaxi
V.A. – Tombola der Freisinnigen – Etui Records
V.A. – Mancha Electronic Edition – Mancha Recordings
V.A. – Sklandu rauši – Phonocake
V.A. – Fern – A Summer Night´s Dream – Phnocake
V.A. – Tombola Der Freisinnigen 2 – Etui Records
V.A. – Etui Summer Camp 3 – Etui Records

some events / venues he played at:
Fusion 2013, One22 Sydney, The Loop Melbourne, Basement Hong Kong, Treehouse Koh Phangan, Climax Institut Suttgart, Sektor Evolution, Moxxom Festival, Electronic Valley Festival


Featured Video:
Helly Larson – Dubcreators (Insect O.’s Striesen Redub)

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