Tim Kossmann

Tim Kossmann

Tim Kossmann is a Germany based producer who focuses mainly on dub techno and ambient. Since 2016 he has been releasing on a constant basis on labels like Telrae, Greyscale and Superordinate Dub Waves among many others.

He loves to explore the deep side of techno, with the aim of creating deep, lush chords and soundscapes filled with echo and spaced out delays, where deeply banging bass and moving whitenoise are combined with sophisticated harmonics in order to push the boundaries of the genre. Besides his own releases, he has also extensively done remix work for other techno artists.

For V.A. – Etui Winter Camp 6 compilation Tim Kossmann he combined dub with jazz chords in his track Space Jazz. This was a preview of more nice music to come out.

With Lockdown Loops he presents a very personal EP with 3 deep, loop based tunes recorded in extreme isolation during lockdown. The situation created a feeling of lonesome remoteness and uncertainty, transcended by putting in more man hours in the studio.

The EP starts with Loop A, a dreamy dub techno riddim that has nice distant echoes and mint chords. The 2nd track Loop B has a more noisy, warped chord progression topped with atmospheric piano riffs.

Loop C on the b-side consists probably of the most heavenly sounding melancholic chord loop he has recorded so far. Expect a tune composed of atmospheric bluster combined with a banging deep mono bass.

More information:

Tim Kossmann – Lockdown Loops – ETUILTD018
V.A. – Etui Winter Camp 6

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