Rauschen Im Tal – A Documentary about Dresden Techno History

In the mid 90thies Dresden was called the Little Detroit from the East. Acts like Derrick May, Jeff Mills or Laurent Garnier came over to play in warehouses or former GDR buildings. Dresden had always a special connection to Detroit, thanks to the former HARDWAX Dresden makers.

From the early beginnings on there was always a strong community of djs, artists, promoters, labelmakers and dancers in Dresden’s electronic music scene and when in 2011 the fire at our beloved record store Fat Fenders broke out, hundreds of people helped to rebuild the store. This marks the foundation block of a new milestone in Dresden`s music scene: DAVE Festival.

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With Rauschen Im Tal – Die Doku filmmakes Roman Schlaack und Denis Wrobel are telling the story about the history of electronic music scene in Dresden from the early 90thies to the early 2010`s. They take you to the old places, where everything started and you or your parents maybe had their first rave.

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