Monomood at Patarei Kultuuritolm Estonia on July 12th 2014

Monomood at Cultural Dust Eestonia 2014

Paterei’s Cultural Dust is an interdisciplinary art and music festival, which undertakes to map the surrounding cultural landscape, bring together people, exchange ideas and experience, synthesize various forms of selfexpression, widen the limits of consciousness and the experience of reality. During the festival the territory of the sea fortress-prison is turned into a magical happening park. It becomes an environment where different sectors and activities form an integrated system. The area is transformed into a fictive urban space with two days of numerous concerts, performances, shindigs, interactive workshops, a wide range of different art activities, installations, a market and a cinema.

Paterei’s Cultural Dust strives to take art closer to the people. Art is often seen as something elitist and understood only by those of a limited group of people. As opposed to considering art as something inconceivable and remote, here it is experienced as a phenomenon that is comlpetely ordinary and human. Art is nothing more than a game. It simply needs to be brought out of the closed spaces of galleries, the minds and the studios of artists to the people. According to John Cage, art needs to combine intention and chance as well as achieve the spontaneous participation of the audience. The main purpose of art is to offer an extraordinary experience, to take perception and consciousness out of focus. The audience needs to be emotionally engaged, people need to be urged to ask questions, to intervene and think. This is how the audience becomes an active party in the creation of a work of art and its meaning. An active inclusion of the audience as well as integration of different disciplines widens the concept and social network of art. Art wins through synergy and as a result of enrichment through the art the artist realizes that more people is better than less.

Monomood will be headlining the MÜRK stage!

July 11th – July 13th 2014

Patarei Vangla, Tallinn Prison

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