Insect O. (live & workshop) + Monomood at MoxxoM Festival on July 5th 2014

MoxxoM Festival 2014

MoxxoM is a 3-day-holiday from everyday life. It is an open air festival organized by music lovers for music lovers with a line-up where musical quality is set in focus instead of numerous big headliners. Enjoy the first weekend of July with music by artists such as Insect O. live, Monomood, Ata, Benjamin Damage live, Panorama Bar´s Tama Sumo or Dave Stuart from Sydney.

Not only our high quality sound but also the visual magic and devoting decorations will tantalize you. All of this combined with an outstanding supporting program, a lake where you can go swimming and lovely people all around you, you will find an atmosphere that is hard to describe.

This is why we only can recommend to join us: Hop on the train to Hagenwerder and become a part of our kaleidoscope called MoxxoM!

Insect O cialis canada. will also held a live set and production workshop on saturday. The workshop focuses on how to use a DAW for a live set and integrate midi controlers and external gear like analogue synths and drum machines into your live set up.

4th – 06th of July 2014

Freibad Hagenwerda
02827 Görlitz – Germany

Local ticket agencies
Bautzen: Atrium – Jeans And Shoes, Reichenstraße 11
Dresden: FatFenders, Böhmische Straße 14
Görlitz: Görlitzer Muskelkater, Jakobstraße 33 / S18, Hospitalstraße 36
Leipzig: KANN RECORDS, Kochstraße 10, 
04275 Leipzig

You can buy tickets online via TixForGigs

more information:

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