Etui Podcast #31: Moritz Schlieb

Moritz Schlieb is not only a beloved dj in Dresden’s house and techno scene but also a keen photographer, a traveler and of course a dancer.

Last time we met each other was at this year’s Nachtdigital festival. We sat down on the lake and listened to the opening set on Saturday afternoon. During our conversation the idea evolved to make a podcast with Moritz, showing his great music selection and mixing skills … and talking about his passions.

What was the key moment that got you into house and techno?

Of course there has been several moments that brought me to electronic clubmusic but one special moment was when a friend of mine gave me a CD I should listen to. It was in the year 2000. Only two words has been written on this CD: DJ Rush. I didn’t know what it is or what to expect and so I turned it on. BOOOM! That was the moment. From this day on I visited Strasse E, Kilowatt, Spinnerei and Triebwerk. So, as you already said, everything starts on the dancefloor and I’m a dancer. 

What makes a perfect dj-set for your?

Oh, it really depends on the situation the DJ-set is played for. Regarding to a club night, a set must be focused to the never-ending groove, and drive. This is the most important for me. Another important point for me is the flow. It is a good DJ-set when you’re not able to recognize every single song. The whole DJ-set must be only one song at all. That’s the complete opposite of what happens very often nowadays – dropping hit after hit.. The set you’re going to create must be the hit, not the single song.

Sadly, Nachtdigital Festival was held for the last time this year. Do you have any key performance in mind that you remember during the last 22 years?

Yeah, there are three to five performances I still remember very well:

1: Steffen Bennemann mainstage closing on Saturday 2010

2: Noze in the tent, must be 2010 or ‘11

3: Steffen Bennemann and Polo this years main stage opening because it was exactly what I described one question before – marvelous!

4: Dixon in the tent 2011

5: Move D, Theo Parrish, Prosumer and Atom TM were also so mindblowing.

You are also a passionated traveler and photographer. What does make a perfect photo shot for you? From what do you draw your inspiration?

Puuuh, that’s a difficult question. I am not a real photographer who creates art with his cam. I capture emotions, moments and happenings. Sometimes perfect moments happens within less than one second. If you can manage to capture this tiny little second and on top of that the focus is sharp and precise and sits in the right corner, yes than you can say it’s a perfect picture. With this picture you can keep that moment alive. All the professionals out there who’re doing real art have lots of perfect pictures.

You can have a look to some of my photo shots in my website:

What is your favourite place you have been to?

Well, in Tibet it was especially Samye which is the oldest and first buddhist monastery in Tibet. We were lucky enough to join a typical buddhist ceremony of monks. The whole country is – as we know – very spiritual but in Samye spirituality was on another level. 

Then of course the sundown at the Tibetan Mt. Everest Base Camp. 

And not to forget the famous Galapagos Islands, because you can almost feel how fragile our planet and nature is. Galapagos is a good example of how people and animals live in coexistence and respect each other.

What music you are listening to while traveling?

Mostly local music. The local music is part of the culture of the countries I visit. In southeast asia all the many minorities have their own music, rituals and dance moves. The hypnotic sounds of buddhist ceremonies in Tibet are immense and spectacular! The Dungchen – tibetan horn – is sooooo powerfull!

During long bus or train rides I listen to my own music collection – mostly not electronic music.

Do you have any special track that you connect with a special place?

There is one song I remember very well and I listened to lot of times during long bus rides in Myanmar: Fink – Truth Begins. Perfect song while watching landscapes passing by. 

Another special song I listened to many many times to fall asleep in a hostel in Bilbao is Donato Dozzy & Tin Man – Test 7. A gay-couple was kissing very loud in my dorm so I couldn’t sleep – but Donato made it :-)

Do you have any special tips of places to visit in Dresden?

Well, if you‘re hungry you really should take a seat at Raskalnikoff, Spizz or Böhme. Everytime I be there it is sooo delicious!

Looking for a good glas of wine? Then you should visit Jens Pietzonka and his magic place called Weinzentrale. He is a great guy with a great selection and exceptional knowledge about his business.

When it comes to drinks in good bars I really can recommind HERZ american bar and of course our well known Plan B. It‘s like a second home.

Breakfast? Dresden Striesen is the place to be!

What can we expect next from you?

I got daddy this week. Life changes completely now – in a happy way of course :-) 

Recently I talked to the curator of another podcast series from Dresden. So now I’m looking for a special topic that fits to it and also to my sound. Maybe it’ll be Ricardo or Defenders of Detroit, we will see.

Roberto Munch portrays my record collection for his vernissage at DAVE CON at DAVE festival and Plan B (a good place to get a good drink). This will be very interesting. 

In general I would like to focus more on djing and techno again. The whole photography thing has been increased to a level I’m not comfortable with during the last three years . So more djing less photography is my challenge for the future :-)

What is the idea behind the mix?

First of all the set is vinyl only using a SoundBite Pro loop sampler in addition. And of course I TRIED to create a set that fits to my description of a perfect DJ-set above. The mix should be understood as a DJ-set not only as a compilation of tracks that I like. The transitions between the tracks are long and smooth. The set is constantly gaining power. It releases all it’s pressure at the end with warm melodies and beats – like a good clubnight should be in my opinion, compressed to one hour.

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Track list

  1. Zum Goldenen Schwarm – Schwelle – FORUM3
  2. Architectural – Elastic Matter – NON SERIES 023
  3. HVL – Elegance Within The Chaos – BASSIANI 001
  4. Stephen Brown – Rate and Depth – TRANSMAT
  5. Daniel Stefanik – Reactivity 3 – STATIK 0283
  6. Daniel Bortz – Glide – PERMVAC 164-1
  7. Vril – Aquarius – ND4EVA
  8. Skudge – Clear – SKUDGE 013
  9. Johannes Heil – Gospel Six – ODD EVEN 02
  10. DJ Sotofett – SO-PHAT-1 (Generic Mix) – SO PHAT
  11. Stenny – Consumers Tool – ILIAN TAPE 030
  12. Johannes Heil – Gospel Two – ODD EVEN 01
  13. Vivian Koch – When Will We Meet Again – ARTLESS 2177
  14. Lo-Will – East Of Eden – RDK ISLAND 1

More Information:
DAVE CON at DAVE Festival Dresden
Moritz Schlieb in facebook
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