Etui Podcast #29: Linearis

Etui Podcast #29: Linearis

For many years Steven Cock is known as DJ and producer in the house and techno scene around Dresden. Recently he started producing under his new moniker Linearis. Time to have a chat with him about his music and favourite places in Dresden to grab a beer and enjoy the sunset.

Since nearly 20 years you are into electronic music. What was the key moment that hooked you up?

At the age of 15, I was at my first real techno underground party. I did not dance. I watched the DJ and watched the people reacting to the music. Total key moment! I wanted to do that too!

Recently you started your new project Linearis. How do es it differs from you main alias?

It is mostly not fixed on me as a person. That’s why it’s a pseudonym and not a real name. I just had the feeling to separate the music styles to maybe reach other people.

Many do not know that Steven Cock is also Linearis.

From what do you draw your inspirations?

Mainly everything from life. family, travel, After good partys and concerts I go to the Studio.

You’re in flow and new music and influences inspire me.

Can you tell us a bit about your studio setup and your workflow?

I use different synthesizers, Doepfer Drehbank, Nocturn Controller, MFB Synth2 and drum machines in collaboration with good VST plugins. I love my synthesizer and modular VST bundle with all the devices of the last 30 Years but having all the devices in the original is too expensive. I spend most of my money on vinyl ;)

I like to experiment with sounds from nature or industry or sounds from life and use a field recorder. When you work this with effects great things come out.

At the moment I am waiting for the delivery of a Behringer CRAVE

What would you recommend to visit in Dresden? Do you have any hidden gem for listening to great music or eating the best food in town?

Dresden is located in a valley, take a bottle of wine or a few beers then you drive up the mountains and look at the city at Night. GREAT!

I like to eat in the Neustadt district. Small shops and you can also eat a good burger on the street. 

There are also many Locations for different types of good Music. Inform yourself when you are in town on

What can we expect next from you?

A new EP is ready and will be released by the guys of  “made of CONCRETE”

They support me from the beginning with the still young project.

I would like to continue to perform with the Linearis project in clubs.

What is the idea behind the mix?

Primarily Linearis Sound. Deep, linear,  atmospheric techno. Not too hard this time and just played by feeling.

Get it on iTunes.


1.   Sounds & Sequences – Undercover = intro
2.   Gradient – Landscape
3.   Steve O´Sullivan & Mike Schommer – Submerged
4.   Anton Kubikov – Cloud
5.   Isolée – Ginster
6.   Rowlanz – Jogger
7.   Spike Galarraga – Minus Celsius
8.   minimood extra 010
9.   Michael James – Apologies for the Delay
10.  G-Man – Labyrynth
11.  Insect O. – Atacama (El Choop Remix)
12.  Redscale – EV3
13.  Stefan Weise – Spiral Arm Calling
14.  PERST 002
15.  Skyland Mountain – Uy Scuti
16.  Van Bonn – Modulated Perception
17.  Orbit & Belogurov – Encore un Soire
18.  Food for Thought – Triped
19.  Sounds & Sequences – Undercover = outro

More information:

Linearis on facebook
Steven Cock on facebook
Linearis on soundcloud

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