Etui Podcast #28: Anachronism

Etui Podcast 28: Anachronism

In July 2019 Dresden based Anachronism released his first track “Minor” alongside works by El Choop, Olan! and Rebar on made of CONCRETE. After his amazing dj-set at objekt klein a we sat down with him to have a chat about bass, breaks and the best food in town.

How did you come in contact with house and techno?

I’ve been interested in music since my early days. When I moved to Dresden in 2013, I lived in a flat together with two friends of mine who already had collected records and that’s how I got into close contact with house and techno music. There I also started dj-ing and later producing.

In July 2019 you released your first track “Minor” on made of CONCRETE. Congratulations for that! How do you feel about your first ever official release?

Thanks a lot!
I am pretty happy about that release and thankful for the opportunity the made of CONCRETE guys have given to me. I feel in really good musical company on this compilation. Furthermore, the remix Rebar did of my track is pretty well done and interesting because they really made a totally different one out of it using a sound element, which in the original is just a background noise.

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What is the story behind the track?

Actually, the track was produced in early 2018. I was quite happy with it but hesitated sending it to a label. After working on it a little bit more, I ran into the made of CONCRETE guys at the DAVE label market last October. There they told me about the batch plant series and asked for a contribution. I sent “Minor” and then it was finally released in July 2019.

Can you tell us a bit about your studio setup and your workflow?

I use Ableton and some hardware, e.g. the Waldorf Rocket synthesizer launched by a midi keyboard from Alesis, as well as the Yamaha DX21. For drums I use the Roland TR8.

I normally try to work in the evening or at night because I need the silence outside to not get distracted and somehow I feel more relaxed when days come to an end.

Usually, I start with the drum patterns in order to create the basic style of a track. Afterwards, everything is possible. Sometimes, I have a certain idea in mind and sometimes it’s just the try and error principle that leads me to a certain point from where I then finish the track by composing a bass line etc.

From what do you draw your inspirations?

I guess, it’s similar to many musicians: I listen to a lot of music, at home and during parties and look closely on what the artist is doing. That’s how I learned dj-ing and producing from a lot of locals. Of course, there are certain people whose music mainly inspires me. I regularly buy their records and/or listen to the musical output.

Personally, I tend to think a lot about things of the daily life that often are not important; but stress me anyway. Fortunately, I can transform this stressy feelings into relaxation by making music which leads to high productivity in the end.

Recently you played a great bass heavy dj-set full of break beats at objekt klein a. That sounded very oldschoolish but also refreshing at the same time. What is a typically Anachronism dj-set?

I’m glad you liked it.
As you could hear, I’m really into breaky music and that’s the sound I play the most. Depending on the slot and the party, I always try to play records that create a fitting vibe for certain situations. Sometimes, this also means playing much slower than I did at objekt klein a recently. I try to give my sets sense by carefully selecting the records and their order but also have some in my bag that I spontaneously can play if the party goes in another direction than expected.

What would you recommend to visit in Dresden? Do you have any hidden gem for listening to great music or eating the best food in town?

Of course, Fat Fenders recordstore is always worth a visit in order to listen to some good records. There’re thrown many good parties in Dresden in different locations. Rauze is a website that gives you a good overview about events happening.

For food, one should definitely check out “Altes Wettbüro”. :D

What can we expect next from you?

There are planned two releases. One will be a contribution to a compilation and the second one will be a solo EP. Probably, this all will be released at the beginning of 2020.

In September, the Tropical Schmutz party series at Altes Wettbüro starts again after the summer break and in October I will be back with my Minor party at Koralle.

In between, there are several gigs in- and outside Dresden.

What is the idea behind your mix?

The mix is inspired by the set at objekt klein a where we met recently. I really felt comfortable that night playing these records and that’s why I thought the set is worth being somehow re-recorded, although it differs a little bit.

I started playing some melodic tracks, followed by rougher ones with a bit of acid and lo-fi vibes and ended up with 4 of my current favorites. For example, J-ZBEL from the label Brothers From Different Mothers who always impresses me with his releases. 

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Get it on iTunes.


  1. Insect O. – Oceans Plastics – Etui Records
  2. Lastrack – Axel Phif Part 2 – Brothers From Different Mothers
  3. Roza Terenzi – 3.I.Y – Dekmantel
  4. Vort – 50 Yen – E-Beamz
  5. Larry McCormick – Root Code – Monotone
  6. Fakundo – Black Ecstasy – Wrong Era
  7. Perel – Karlsson (Bloody Mary Cat’s On Acid Remix) – Uncanny Valley
  8. Strahinja Arbutina – STMPHS – Natural Sciences
  9. Anachronism – Untitled – Unreleased
  10. Dj Gigola & Kev Koko – Trance Energy – Life From Earth
  11. J-ZBEL – Diablo Verde Part. II – Brothers From Different Mothers
  12. Credit 00 – R U Ready 2 Jack – Uncanny Valley
  13. Hustle Athletics – Lekker – Love Breakz
  14. J-ZBEL – Lauren Misogyn – Brothers From Different Mothers

More information:

V.A. – Batchplant Vol. 5 on made of CONCRETE
Anachronism on soundcloud

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