Etui Podcast #16: Hydergine

tui Podcast #16: Hydergine

Hydergine’s musical roots and influences are going back to the classic sound of the 90s dub techno pioneers. His pseudonym is taken from the name of a smart drug used to improve the metabolism of brain cells and cognitive abilities.

After releases on his own Ranges imprint, Separate Skills Recordings or Tiefenrausch we finally welcome the italian producer with his Static Frames EP on Etui Records.

What is the special thing about dubtechno for you?

What I like the most about dub techno is that it enables a full mental involvement, which is mainly what I expect and seek in electronic music. It sounds serious, it’s detailed in the modeling and it features some mysticism and essence that I miss in other genres. It’s also versatile since you can happen to find chilled and slow tracks which are suitable for home listening and warm up, or more stripped down tracks, that work well in the peak time phase in clubs. Did I say it’s timeless? Dub techno forever!

What is the idea behind your artist name?

The pseudonym is a smart drug used to improve the metabolism of brain cells and cognitive abilities such as intelligence, learning, memory. I thought it was a nice idea to show my addiction for mentally stimulating sounds and the intention to do research in such direction.

From what do you draw your inspirations?

There are several things… of course what I live in first person, the music I listen, the places I visit. Besides that, I can say there are regularities in the concepts I face… between them I can clearly recognize and mention: thinking and awareness, alteration of mind, isolationism, nature, scientific models, cosmic synergism.

Which gear do you use for producing?

I try and use whatever I find interesting. I don’t care if vsts of hardware, as long as I can make them sound as I like… I want my sonic realm to be the more wide possible, I think it’s a pity to limit one’s possibilities to a specific piece of gear. I try to make the best I can with what I have at hand…I must buy gear step by step, relying to the possibilities of my daily job, and since I also love to buy vinyls I need to mediate the efforts… Currently I use Ableton with several vsts, a waldorf microwave XT, an alpha juno 2, an octatrack, and my beloved revox A77.

What can we expect next from you?

From the release perspective, there is an upcoming tape release on CLFT, then, early next year there will be a follow up EP on Ranges with my friend Ixm, and an EP on Modelisme with a remix by Patrice Scott. Besides that, I’ll keep experiment with sound as I’m used to, and hopefully pick something new for the studio.

What is the idea behind your mix?

I selected some vinyls I really love, some of them new, some others older, and mixed them. That’s it! I hope you like the outcome :)

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01. Onmutu Mechanics – On Silent Wings – Echocord Colour
02. JS – Reduction 2 – Phorma
03. Unknown – Knowone 015 (A1) – Knowone
04. Basic Channel – Q-Loop (Full Length) – Basic Channel
05. Eduardo De La Calle – Epilogue XXX (B1) – Analogue Solutions Records
06. Marko Fuerstenberg – 070120 – Artless
07. Digital PrinceZZ – Press The Button 1 – LL Records
08. Question – Question 01 – Question
09. Substance & Vainqueur – Emerge 0 – Scion Versions
10. Sanasol – Glow Sanarama – Thule Records
11. Pattern Repeat – PR007B – Pattern Repeat
12. Bandulu – Running Part 7 – Foundation Sound Works

Learn more about Hydergine:
Hydergine on facebook

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