Etui Podcast #15: Trinity

Etui Podcast #15: Trinity

Trinity has established herself as one of the Australia’s pre-eminent proponents of house and techno since entering the club fray over a decade ago. As a DJ and Live act, Trinity has forged a reputation as a perfectionist, playing all across Australia, in addition to sets in Europe at Harry Klein in Munich, and Tresor and Studio R in Berlin, where she currently resides.

Her music has been released on labels such as Moodmusic Records, Lucidflow and Manual / Cinematique. In March 2014 she finally released the first album 1000 Points of Light under her moniker Trinity & Beyond. This year will also see Trinity’s first solo releases with OOC Records and Night Time Drama.

We visited Trinity in Berlin and had a chat about Australian techno scene, her music and why the grass is always greener on the other side.

How did you come in contact with house and techno?

My first experience with house and techno was through my older brother. He loaned me his favorite DJ mix, and it opened up a whole new world to me. He also introduced me to a community radio station where they used to play hard techno every Wednesday night and talk about all the illegal rave parties that were happening that weekend in Sydney. I used to record the show and listen to it all week, I loved the music so much and was so intrigued by this underground music community.

I started Djing about 12 years ago, and have played many genres over the years, ranging from deep house to dub house and Detroit techno through to harder style techno.

What is the special thing for you about the techno scene in Sydney?

At the moment, it’s the abundance of techno parties that are happening in Sydney, with some incredible acts coming through, both live and DJ. I love that the live acts are playing more with hardware and that Djs are going back to vinyl, showing some true talent through their performances. There are some great techno parties happening in Sydney at the moment, notable mentions are Trench, Anomaly, Hunter Gatherer, Silencer and Strange Signals.

One of the big dreams for most of the artist is to play Australia. How did you feel playing for the first time in Europe / Berlin?

I played in Europe for the first time last year. My first gig was at Tresor basically 5 hours after a 32 hour flight from Sydney. It was pretty crazy. I dont think I had time to think that it was my first gig in Europe. I have played quite a few overseas and interstate gigs, I don’t really think about where i’m playing, it’s more about feeling what the crowd is after and trying your best to perform well for them.

How would you describe Berlin compared to Sydney?

Well for starters, the Berlin scene is a lot bigger than the Sydney scene. It’s also an electronic music mecca, where artists all around the world come to play and also to dance. I have only been here for 4 summers, but I think from what I have experienced, I would say that feeling part of a music community here is a little bit more of a challenge than in Sydney, mainly because of its sheer size. In Sydney, there might be one or two good underground nights on one weekend, and you tend to see the same people at the events, so you get to know people quite easily. In saying that, one of my first parties I attended last year in Berlin was a Parallel night, I instantly felt part of a community, and that was a nice feeling. I kept going to their nights, having the best time and hearing the most amazing music and meeting more of their crew.

In August you released a special live set for SPIEL:FELD podcast. Is there a difference for you playing live or playing a dj set?

It’s a huge difference for me. I feel sometimes that they are so different from each other, I can never source new tracks for DJIng and write music for my live set on the same day, I need to either have my head at one or the other. Live sets are usually loops that I write and play on the fly and Djing is playing other peoples tracks. I need to build a track when I play live, and Djing is playing other peoples complete tracks, so I feel its very different.

From what do you draw your inspirations?

I do tend to get inspired by female artists, not only electronic music artists, but creative women who are passionate. I find Berlin a very inspiring city to live in, a lot of creative people here working hard to harness their art and not caring about monetary things. I’m also inspired by favourite artists such as Luke Hess, XDB, Nick Lapien, Phile, Nadja Lind, Sqaurepeg and Donato Dozzy.

Which equipment do you use for producing?

I use both software and hardware for producing, sometimes I love to jam with my gear and sometimes I just love being in my computer. With software I love Ableton including Operator, ZTA3, Albino 3, Pro53 and Vanguard. With hardware, I use a Tetra 4, Bass Station 2, Xoxbox, Volca Beats and some effects pedals. I use my Allen & Heath mixer and APC40 for arranging my tracks. When I make music as Trinity & Beyond, we use Cubase and it’s all software based.

In March you released your debut album Trinity & Beyond – 1000 Points of Light. What is the idea behind the album?

My friend and I got booked for our first gig together as Trinity & Beyond to support James Holden last New Years Eve. We wrote all new material for the gig, which we thought received a very good crowd response. We then thought it would be good idea to re-record the set, turn the material into separate tracks and release it as an album. We had a release scheduled in the following March for an EP with Cinematique, I asked the label owner if we could release an album instead of an EP, and he was very keen for us to do this.

What can we expect next from you?

I have been spending the last 3 months in Berlin writing lots of new material for both my live sets and productions. I will soon have a lot of tracks finished and ready to start sending out to labels, so I think next year will be a big year for solo releases from me, and also continuing to build my skills for my live sets also.

In the very near future, I have some very exciting gigs coming up in Berlin with party crews such as Parallel, Sankt Veit and New Faces. I will also be playing gigs in Malta and Barcelona in October.

What is the idea behind this mix?

A dreamy odyssey that takes you on a journey from ambient sounds through to dub techno.

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1. Rafael Anton Irisarri – Daybreak Comes Soon – Room 40
2. Mind Over Midi – Closer to the End – Silent Season
3. Rafael Anton Irisarri – Her Rituals – Room 40
4. Matt Thibideau, Jakob Thiesen – Animator – Obsolete Components
5. Lars Leonhard – tella nova – Ultimae Records
6. Fingers In The Noise – Undo & Redo – Fingers In The Noise
7. Donato Dozzy, Tin Man – Test 7 (Original Mix) – Acid Test
8. Gustavo Lamas – Mares – (Luke Hess Deep Remix) – Modelisme Records
9. Doyeq – Yellow Day (Original Mix) – Subspiele Records
10. Advanced Dreams – Leaving Islands Of Memory – Lantern
11. Frank Hellmond – Lost – Etui Records
12. Efdemin – Transducer (Original Mix) – Dial Records
13. Claro Intelecto – It’s Getting Late – Deslin Records
14. Mind Over Midi – Under the Weather – Silent Season

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