Etui Podcast #08: Sebastian Kökow

Etui Podcast #08: Sebastian Kökow

The29nov Films have made thousends of videos for techno tracks they like and have given a face to this tracks. Sebastian Kökow is a half of the duo. He started djing 15 years ago. After doing some great videos for our latest releases it´s time for us to speak with him about his passion for techno, his musical backround and of course the29nov Films project. You can catch him playing vinyls and doing live visuals with his partner Kevin on our next Etui Session at Sabotage Dresden on 20th October 2012.

Sebastian, you’re quite well known as one half of the 29nov Films project, which gets high attention through it’s countless and partly weird videos of more or less known tracks from the electronic music universe. What’s about the name and which idea is hidden behind it?
We chose the name of our project because this was the date of our first musical jam. We played together on the 29th of November for the first time. Later on, my partner Kevin made his first filmlet and then we started making videos for our favourite tracks, because we figured out that there were not a lot of music videos in the techno scene. So we just wanted to give a face to the tracks that we like. A lot of people liked it and so it has grown.

When you look at your facebook group, you can find more than 1.600 members, watching your videos. With this popularity behind you, do you get a lot of requests by famous labels and artists?
Yes, quite a lot of labels and artists ask us to make videos for them. But we only make videos for the tracks that we really like.

By now you can find yourself quite often doing visualisations on events and parties. But what’s your focus: video or deejaying?
I do deejaying now for 15 years and my focus is definitely on that. Nevertheless the videos and visuals are an important part of my work. To do the visuals at partys with Kevin makes a lot of fun and making the videos anyway.

In your mix there are a lot of styles to be found such as Acid, Dubtechno and even 80’s industrial sounds. Is there a certain idea behind this mix? Which music got you mostly influenced when you grow up?
Since i was a teenager I have been interested in techno and I was listening to a lot of different kinds of electronic music. I grew up with techno, punkrock and also a lot of those 80’s industrial things. For me the idea behind not only this mix but for every mix I do is just about enjoying good, various and new music.

You are originally not from Berlin, why did you move here and what’s the special appeal for you?
There was nothing going on anymore in our hometown and with our growing popularity it was just logical to move to berlin. Kevin moved to Berlin about one year before I did, because here we just have more opportunities and we are a part of the techno scene. I’m feeling very comfortable here and I like the fact that there is this great number of clubs, musicians and creative people in general.

In the last two years Techno enjoys a little renaissance and the sound is becoming more raw and dubby. What is your recent definition of techno and how could it develop for you?
Yeah, that’s great! I always loved this raw sound. And I always bought this style of techno, like Regis, Surgeon, Basic Channel, Jeff Mills and so on. And if you want to know my definition of techno and how it could develop for me – just listen to my mix!

If you are forced to name one certain track, that did the highest musical influence on you what would it be and why?
I’d say… very classic… Vainqueur – Lyot (Maurizio Mix). This is a track that I always keep in my record case. If you ever listened to it on a dance floor (e.g. Berghain) then you will understand why.

Do you have time and ambitions beside your deejaying and video work to produce your own tracks? If so, what kind of music can we expect?
I have the ambitions to produce my own tracks, but i don’t have the time for it. I rather do deejaying and videos. Fortunately there are enough good producers.

Sebastian, thank you for the interview and the nice mix.

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01. Stl – Still With Us – Something
02. Johannes Volk – Unlocked – EXP
03. Third Side – Unity (Steffi Remix) – Restoration
04. Dub Chronicles – 002A – Dub Chronichles
05. Rhauder – Acid Jam – Polymorph
06. Alex Cortex – Oh Yeah – KilleKill House Trax
07. October – Singularity Jump – Tanstaafl
08. Tobias. – Perfect Sence – Ostgut Ton
09. Luke Hess – Unity Excerpt – FXHE
10. Ackel – Tonspur 2 – ASW
11. Forward Stragety Group – Nihil Novi – Perc Trax
12. Antonio Vieira – Operative – Progression Report
13. Moerbeck – Mystique – Cadela Rising
14. Truncate – Diffraction (Markus Suckut Remix) – Modualrz
15. Nitzer Ebb . Getting Closer (Kitchen Remix) – Mute
16. Ancient Methods vs. Kareem – Dammerung der Parhelia (Ancient Methods Interpretation) – Fondation Sonore
17. Throbbing Gristle – AB/7A – Industrial Records

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video for Insect O. – Birds Over Hong Kong (Marko Fürstenberg Remix)


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