El Choop first ever live set in London

Mieneralia El Choop Live London

El Choop will pay his first ever live set at Mineralia in London on December 15th 2018.

The promoter says:

The Mineral Kingdom is the elder of the 4 Kingdoms and has been here on Mother Earth since the very beginning, millions of years before even the first plant materialized. They mesmerize us with their beauty, and provide for us endlessly. Bridging the seen and the unseen, they teach us earth’s wisdom through myriads of frequencies.

As we are about to complete yet another cycle, Birds & Dinosaurs invite you to MINERALIA; an audiovisual journey into the Mineral Kingdom.

This is a multifaceted event / exhibition featuring music, art prints, video art, installations and a talk on the topic plus more surprises to be announced.

We will also have a stall of original prints & postcards, T-shirts and some other shiny creations.


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El Choop
(ETUI Records | Default Position | Stardub)
El Choop will be performing a live set, followed by a dub techno vinyl DJ set.

(k a b u k i , Black Lake Recordings)
RVCH will close the night with a dub techno DJ set.


Birds & Dinosaurs Studio:
Prints, installations, resin objects: Tolga Tres & Ley Loosh
Live visuals: Ben Moon
Generative 3D videos: Danijel Šivinjski


Uncovering the Mystery of Crystals – Apothecrystal – presented by Steph Bennett . Talk from 20:00 to 20:30

More Information:

facebook event

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