3voice & Cynic_Al

Nikos Tryfonopoulos, also known as 3voice, is a Greek dj and producer currently based in Athens. His music ranges from dub techno riddims to deep dubstep tunes and is also influenced by Ambient and experimental sounds.

Tryfonopoulos has a degree on Audio Engineering and Music Production from the SAE Institute of Athens. He is an active member of Urban Danja Crew and Deep Beats and also the co-founder of Craton net label along with Cynic_Al aka HMISU.

Together with him he recorded “Lost Path” to our Etui Winter Camp 5 compilation.


Cynic_Al aka Hmisu (from the greek word imisi – ’’Ημισυ’’ means the half ) was born on March 24, 1987. He was raised in city of Chania in Crete, Greece, a small city with a lot of diversity. After high school in 2008, he studied sound engineering and creative arts in SAE Institute of Athens. He worked for many years as a sound and light engineer in festivals. From there he first developed his passion for live performance.

On the side, during this period, he also created a collective with his friends and explored the potentials of the rave electronic culture by directing events and playing as DJ electronic music. His first ever encounter with electronic music was on 2003 through a documentary named ‘’Scratch’’ which was about hiphop and the art of DJ-ing.

Using old hand made electronic gear to capture and express the moment in a dystopian and futuristic way, his art is all about new, diverse and spontaneous themes that vary from heavy electronic textures to rhythmic patterns.

Hmisu’s art speaks about how we eavesdrop on the moment and how we react on this rain of information that our senses are exposed to. How we overthink the future and don’t appreciate the present that we live in, letting this condition destroying our every day life.

His art strives to retain the audience in the present, so they can let go of overthinking the future. To him, this breaks the destructive potential to lose the essence of the moment.

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