Simon Mann

Simon Mann

Simon Mann is an electronic music producer from Sydney with a background in DJing and live sets, electronic music production and event promotion. Simon’s productions span the deeper side of electronic sounds with influences from deep house, techno and dub techno.

His eclectic live sets take the listener on a deep and sometimes dark journey filled with atmosphere and emotion. Live performances at Sydney house and techno parties include: Shrug Events, Midi in the City, Clan Analogue and Locus Cadre. As well as radio appearances for Deep House Australia and Time to Track on Bondi Beach Radio. Supports include Aeriae, Alphatown, Dave Stuart, Insect O, Phil Smart, QuZen, Simon Caldwell, Squarepeg and Trinity.

Simon has releases on Lobe Limbique Musique, East Point Sounds, Lamb Shanks Digital, Highjack Recordings and Pinksilver Digital. With his deep house track The Receiver he gives his debut to Etui Records on our Etui Winter Camp 3 compilation.

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