Growing up in the late 80s and 90s, Salzinger picked up a love for music early on. Thanks to his family working in a local record store, he listened to a lot of different music besides the stuff that was on the air usually.

Being quite nerdy in nature, he developed an interest in making music himself and read lots of magazines on synthesizers and gear. When he got his first computer, he started composing, synthesizing and experimenting with samples. Friends joined and being influenced heavily by the Hip Hop Movement at the time, many freestyle sessions took place in his bedroom, using a sock on a cheap microphone as a pop filter. Salzinger mostly provided the beats and technical know-how, while his friends jammed and freestyled along. Amongst the different genres he was – and still is – interested in, the laid-back soulful music by the Native Tongues movement and affiliated Soulquarians stood out, deeply moved him and has again and again helped him through rough times. Also, his love for reggae roots and dub music and culture began growing.

Broadening his musical interests in his adolescence, Salzinger started listening to electronic music and making it as well. Different projects followed, such as joining a reggae band and an industrial-influenced electronica project.

Later, he formed the up-and-coming electronic live duo ZOO (also known as Zone Ohne Obligationen). Together, they improvised live sets leaning towards techno and house without the use of pre-recorded sequences, samples or laptops at a number of events and festivals.

Relocating to Leipzig, Germany, a new phase with lots of producing and experimenting was kicked off. Also, often being in Berlin at the time was stimulating and inspring for him, resulting in a new solo project, again relating to improvised live performances.

Currently back in his hometown Kiel in the north of Germany, Salzinger is mainly working on further refining his production techniques and releasing records.

He gives his debut on Etui with his fantastic deep house track “Le Plsdfj”.

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