Coronavirus – We Still Shipping Vinyls

Coronavirus - We Still Shipping Vinyls

Important update by March 30th 2020:

We are only shipping within EU at the Moment!

Please read here.

It´s hard for all of us to go through the currently situation with the Coronavirus. But it´s important to stay at home and help to not spread the virus. That means you have more time for listening to music.

The good news is, that we are still shipping vinyls worldwide from our bandcamp store. You can also order our vinyls from Decks Records. They are still shipping too.

Order vinyls:


If you are prefering to listen digital, we also kindly ask you to support us in buying wav or mp3 from our bandcamp shop or listen to our This is Etui Records playlist on Spotify.

Stay healthy everyone!

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