Bony Stoev

Bony Stoev

Bony Stoev lives and works as a sound artist in Dresden. It is his conviction that sound can influence our perception of images, and he believes that there may be a deeper dimension to this. Stoev creates innovative worlds of sound which give films and images emotional empathy, increasing the emotional effect they have as viewers perceive them.

As a sound designer, Bony connects moving pictures with dynamic, rounded and stirring audio creations. Together with artists like Sebastian Linda or Frank Sauer, he creates soundscapes that further enhance the feelings a movie evokes. Bony last worked on MEMENTO MORI by Sebastian Linda.

Bony has a background in electronic music. For many years, he has been pursuing the composition of evocative sounds and atmospheres. In 2017 he released his first EP “Violet”. It showcases music that is cinematic at the cross-section of musical composition and sound design. His track “TWICE” opens the 4th edition of Etui Winter Camp.

In 2017 he also gave a workshop lecture about film sound design and sound art for DAVE Festival at University Of Music in Dresden.



Bony Stoev – Violet – self released 2017


“TWICE” on Various Artists – Etui Winter Camp 4 – Etui Records 2018

Film Sounds

Memento Mori (by Sebastian Linda)


Live Is A Dance (by Sebastian Linda)


Travel Where You Live (by Sebastian Linda)


KAMI Exhibition in Berlin (2017) and Dresden (2018)

Empty Shelters

Sound Performance

Beyond Views | Opus II by Walter Ruttmann – DAVE Festival Opening 2017

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