Andrew Magro Miggiani aka A-MAG has always shown strong interest in music since his early years.

Way back when he was 5, started attending piano lessons which helped him develop his musical realm. Back in the day, alternative rock and metal were his day-to-day choice, though he quickly developed a particular interest in electronic music.

Discovered house and techno at the early teenage years which instantly awakened his inner self. Kept developing his interest and shaping his musical perspective within those genres.

Although his piano days were over at the age of 15, he moved over to DJing and electronic music production; though his gigs started at a later stage in his mid-20’s.

His past influences played an important role in developing his tastes in the various sub-genres of house and techno. His selection ranges from melodic styles to soulful, deep, dubby and spiritual.

A-Mag delivers his beautiful track “Obsessions” for our Etui Winter Camp 6 compilation. With its eternal sounds it makes the perfect closing track.

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