Federsen is a San Francisco based musican. He makes deep hazy dub infuced techno with vintage tape delays and analog synthesizers.

His music can be found on labels such as Telrae, Tiefenrausch or Waehlscheibe. Some time ago he also founded his own vinyl imprint Fifth Interval Recordings. In 2019 he got on remix duties for El Choop’s Render Series. The release has gained big attention. It came out on Grad_U’s Grayscale label.

Playing live is always a pleasure for him and the listeners. He played live sets alongside Fluxion and many more wellkown artists.

With his track “Oceanium” he is giving his debut on Etui Records. The track will be released on our Variour Artists – Etui Winter Camp 5 compilation digital edition and white vinyl edition.

In his Etui Podcast he talks about San Francisco music scene, the history of synthesizers and ofcourse how his track “Oceanium” came to life. Listen and read it here.

More about Federsen:

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